Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why the Cavs will WIN the NBA Finals

Wow, really Bobby? The Cavs won't win the NBA title because their 5-8 scorers combine to average 28 points and JJ Hickson and Sasha Pavlovic are the 9th and 10th men? Also, you failed to mention the Orlando Magic. Moving on from your useless dribble. The Cavs gutted out a road win last night in Portland while missing two starters. On that note, here are several reasons why the Cavs will win the NBA title.

1. Homecourt Advantage - The Cavs are a league best 20-0 at home. It is not just the record that is impressive but the way the Cavs are dismantling teams on their home floor. The average margin of victory is 16.4 points per game. As for one of your contenders, the Celtics, the last time Boston beat Cleveland in Cleveland was Dec. 18, 2004. Plus, Quicken Loans Arena has turned into one of the loudest arenas in the NBA. I was there for a December game against the Rockets, and the crowd was as rowdy as would be expected for a playoff game.

2. Point Differential - Before embarking on their current road trip, the Cavs held a point differential of +11.95 per game - the fourth highest in NBA history. The three teams (71-72 Lakers, 70-71 Bucks, and 95-96 Bulls) with higher point differentials all won the NBA title.

3. Bench - In comparing the top 3 teams in the Eastern Conference the Cavs have by far the superior rotation coming off the bench. Orlando's bench consists of Courtney Lee, JJ Redick, Keith Bogans, Tony Battie, and Anthony Johnson. This bench is 3 shooting guards who vary from a rookie (Lee) to horrendous (Redick). Also, there backup bigs are headlined by Tony Battie. Yikes. Bostons consists of Leon Powe, Eddie House, Glen Davis, and Tony Allen. Bill Simmons said in his podcast that he thinks Glen Davis and Tony Allen are the worst two NBA players at their respective positions playing at least 10 minutes a game. Besides from Leon Powe, this might be the worst bench in the NBA. As for the Cavs their top 3 off the pine are a 3 point marksman, Daniel Gibson, an annoying, charge taking big, Anderson Varejao and Wally Szczerbiak. Which leads me to my next point.

4. Szczerbiak's Expiring Contract - The most attractive trade chip to teams looking to unload future payment obligations as the trade deadline approaches. Names being floated around in rumors are Vince Carter (Yuck), Brad Miller, Marcus Camby, Mike Miller (along with Brian Cardinal's contract) just for the Cavs 8th man. Imagine how much stronger this 32-8 team would be with the addition of one of those players.

5. Defense - The Cavs under Mike Brown have been built to win tough low scoring playoff games when defensive stops are a necessity. This year the Cavs are giving up a league low 89.6 points per game. Not only that they are second in the league in defensive rating which takes into account pace of play.

6 LeBron plays 48 minutes - Right now, LeBron is averaging slightly over 37 minutes per game. According to John Hollinger PER rating, LeBron is having the most efficient and productive regular season of anyone... in the modern era (yes, this includes Jordan). The reason the Cavs have played significantly better in the playoffs the last several years is because there is no limiting LeBron's minutes. How many more wins and how big would the blowouts be if LeBron played a full 48 every night of the year.

The Cavs were PJ Brown's 4th quarter scoring explosion in Game 7 from a repeat trip to the finals last year (they would of beat Detroit). This year Cavs are significantly better as a team, have the best player in the world, and the ability to get better at the trade deadline. Now, you know why they will be celebrating on West 6th this June.


Anonymous said...

Okay okay okay I didn't read all of dans but bobby....... The bench team scoring almost 30 is raw and especially with lebron. But dan no way in hell they are winning it all Cleveland always fails in something. Football they always lose when everyone saying there one of the elite teams. Indians complete shit hole. Get the the American league champ I think then last trade cc and their 3B WTF. Cavs will not win ever lebron will leave in 2 years and go to knicks. Soo the LAKERS will win it all after last the celtics are no where near the team they were last year soooo Kobe and his bitches will win in 09

Mr balls

Anonymous said...

Biggest reason is one and only thing: They get all the calls because they have Lebron. It helps them quite a bit. Yesterday was a good example.

Anonymous said...

Lakers aren't impressing me that much either. If Celtics are not as good as last year well, Lakers are not playing any better based on their record and lack of defense.

Snakes said...

What in the name of Joey Fatone is that previous post. Good god almighty you should have to go through a court sanctioned screening process to be able to buy a computer. Anyway.....I couldn't have said it better myself. There is more statistical and historical evidence backing up a 08-09 Cavs Championship than any other contender in the NBA this year. The Magic are a regular season wonder, and what a wonder they are considering their bench is sub-par at best. The Celtics don't have anything on the Cavs, a major plot point considering intimidation is something the Celtics have heavily relied on (See Jose Calderon and any other player even moderately resembling Tayshaun Prince). Anywhoo....its looking good in Cleveland come June.

gsbst7 said...

i just wanted to say HELLO MR BALLS!!!